Quebec's Minister of Health and Social Services recently stated:

"We can no longer allow non-vaccinated people to fill our hospitals1."

Do I understand correctly? Are we blaming the non-vaccinated people for our health care system's failures?

Ladies and gentlemen, politicians,

As you are no doubt aware, for years nurses in the public health system have been forced to work overtime, which has resulted in burnout for many of them. Before saying that non-vaccinated people are filling up the hospitals, shouldn't it be said that the hospitals are losing their staff due to the working conditions? To give just one example, thirteen nurses have resigned at the Roberval hospital since last spring2.

Did you also know that many hospitalizations are mainly related to years of junk food intake, chronic sedentary lifestyle, smoking, accumulated anxiety and depressive symptoms?

What fills hospitals, in fact, is first and foremost the lack of prevention. It is distressing and incomprehensible that the government has not yet uttered the words "healthy eating", "exercice" and "stress management" to strenghten collective immunity. It is well known that eating well, exercising regularly and reducing stress levels are beneficial to our immune system.

We should therefore aim to better inform the population on how to strenghten their own immune system through accessible measures (healthy eating, exercice, good sleep hygiene, stress management - yoga, breathing techniques). Making vaccination mandatory will not solve the fundamental problem, which is a collective failure to optimize healthy lifestyle habits to better cope with the pandemic.

Martin Moisan, M.D.
Kanesatake Health Center
12, Joseph Swan
Kanesatake (Québec)

1.  Web article Passeport vaccinal: Québec serre la vis aux récalcitrants (Vaccine passport: Quebec tightens the screws on recalcitrants). Journal de Québec, August 24th, 2021.

2.  Web article Multiples démissions d'infirmières à l'Hôtel-Dieu de Roberval (Multiple resignations of nurses at the Hôtel-Dieu de Roberval Hospital), Journal de Montréal, September 10th, 2021.

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