The Drifting of the Canadien Healthcare System, Towards a Model Uniting East and West


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This book is the result of a personal and professional journey. After having practiced general medicine in private practice and hospitals in Quebec for more than 20 years, Dr. Martin Moisan shares his observations with us. He concludes that the Canadian healthcare system will drift further and further off course unless significant changes are brought about.

The author describes some of the problems facing modern medicine presently. He highlights the fact that medical science, in spite of its expertise in emergency situations and its merits in extending life expectancy, has arrived at a point where it must face itself and its inability to view a human being as a global entity.

This book also suggests possible solutions. The author mentions that it would be more than desirable to implement acupuncture as a therapeutic modality in hospital environments in order to offer a more optimal level of care.

"One should not imagine that it is possible to wait many more years before correcting the course, because the hour is critical. The longer decisions are delayed, the more difficult it will be to steer the ship back on course. Would it not be better to make the appropriate decisions while there is still time?"